Working with SME’s

Part of our vision as a company is to work together with Indonesia’s SME’s and cooperatives engaged in wheat flour related industries which account for 40% of the company’s customer base. From 2004, we began actively engaging with SME’s and cooperatives across the archipelago and today we are proud to count 4,674 SME’s in 175 communities and cooperatives within the “Koparomieyo cooperative” scheme.

Through such partnerships, we provide education and support related to production techniques, marketing and financial management to encourage best business practices in the wheat flour industry throughout Indonesia. SME’s are provided with the necessary tools and knowledge to effectively grow their business and move up the value chain, while adhering to industry standards in hygiene and food quality.

While being part of our CSR commitments, we take a strategic approach in our activities by participating to the building of a sustainable and an all inclusive local wheat flour industry. This unique approach has enabled us to progress quickly in becoming a leading wheat flour producer in Indonesia, and through maintaining close contact with wheat flour product industries we are able to respond swiftly to shifting market trends. We cultivate long term relationships with budding SME’s and support the growth of new local businesses and brands.

Vision of the Sriboga SME Program: Develop and expand the presence of beneficial, multi-purpose Cooperatives capable of developing micro, small, and medium-scale flour-based businesses.

To find out more about the Sriboga SME Program please visit the Business Support page.

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Corporate Responsibility Program

At Sriboga Flour Mill, we engage in CSR activities at a holding level, with the vision of contributing to Indonesia’s future through sustainable development from a bottom up as well as top down approach. Education and creating the next generation of responsible leaders for business and service to the community is a central pillar of this philosophy.

Our Corporate Responsibility Program (CSR) is based on the fourth element of our company’s mission that stipulates that ‘Sriboga Flour Mill shares the responsibility with the government to take an active role in improving and enhancing the welfare of the people of Indonesia in general and, in particular, that of the communities in which the company operates’.

In 1984, our main shareholders founded IPMI Business School, a leading business school in Indonesia and pioneer in providing the MBA program with instruction in English. We continue to patronize the school as a leading financier to provide opportunities to Indonesia’s most promising students through scholarships, and thus make a contribution to creating a pool of well-equipped Indonesian managers and entrepreneurs. IPMI has produced some 2,300 alumni who have gone on to obtain senior positions at major multinationals as well as becoming some of Indonesia’s most recognized business personalities.

In addition, we also provide scholarship opportunities to the offspring of our partner SME’s to study at IKOPIN (Jatinangor, West Java) which specializes in SME’s and cooperative economics. This program has been in place since 2009 and is designed to contribute to the further development of SME’s by supporting the development of the next generation of qualified professionals. As of 2013, the scheme had provided 35 scholarships and had produced 10 qualified graduates.

PT Sriboga Flour Mill

Our CSR Calendar

Our team is right behind us! Some examples of our corporate involvement is shown below…

With the increasing need for blood in the community as well as awareness of the importance of blood donation for health, PT Sriboga Flour Mill in cooperation with the city of Semarang PMI held a blood drive in PT Sriboga Flour Mill at Tanjung Emas Semarang. This activity is routinely done every three (3) months or four (4) times a year, in which this activity always gets high enthusiasm of employees.

With the increasing need for blood in the community as well as awareness of the importance of blood donation for health, and in cooperation with the city of Semarang, blood drives are routinely run 4 times a year, in which our employees enthusiastically support.

PT Sriboga Flour Mill has strong commitment to contribute in education program.Sriboga conducted training to the scholarship holders from the batch of 2010-2013 for two days, that was held at Kepurun Pawana Yogyakarta.<br /><br /><br /><br />

Our strong commitment to contribute to education is displayed at a recent 2 day training program held for our scholarship students at Kepurun Pawana, Yogyakarta.

PT Sriboga Flour Mill run a cooperation with Kulon Progo Regency goverment in a Corporate Social Responsibility program, to accelerate the poverty reduction in Sidorejo Village, Lendah District. Based on the statistical data obtained from Bappeda Kulon Progo (The Regional Planning Board of Kulon Progo), out of 2024 families in Sidorejo Village, 877 (42%) of them are considered poor. The percentage of the poor families is the highest one in comparison to other villages in Lendah District. A program to enhance revenue was then conducted.

We are thankful to be able to help in the effort to accelerate the reduction of poverty in one of Indonesia’s poorest communities, Sidorejo Village, Lendah District. In cooperation with Kulon Progo Regency government, we support a specialized program to enhance and contribute to sustainable incomes.

The flood disaster which hit the northern part of Central Java in early 2014 encouraged PT Sriboga Flour Mill to get involved to help the society by sending them nine basic groceries to the flood victims. One of the areas helped was Ring 1 Area, Tanjung Emas Village Administrative of Semarang.

The flood disaster which hit the northern part of Central Java in early 2014 encouraged us to get involved by sending food and basic supplies in a bid to support the victims during this difficult time.


We are humbled to be able to support important Charity Event’s for over 1000’s orphans in Surabaya and Jogjakarta.

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