Local Network

We are pleased to have nationwide presence with distribution spanning the breadth of the archipelago. We work with our own distributors as well as third parties located throughout the country for strategic access to Indonesia’s main commercial hubs. Within our distribution network, we cooperate with both wholesalers for our trade products as well as distributors for our retail market. We also work closely with SME’s in the wheat flour sector and related industries located throughout the country. The SME ‘Koparomieyo Cooperative’ began in 2004 and has subsequently grown to 4,674 SME’s grouped in 175 communities.

Global Reach

While mainly concentrating on catering to Indonesia’s growing demand for wheat flour in the domestic market, our specialised wheat flour products have been well received in international markets. We are currently exporting our products within the ASEAN to markets such as Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines. In Asia Pacific, our products can also be found in South Korean for wheat based applications ranging from noodles to pastries.

Our partnership with Japanese flagship Mitsubishi Corporation will also pave the way for further international expansion to tap into Mitsubishi’s captive market throughout South East Asia.

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PT. Danitama Niaga Prima
Plaza Daniprisma lt. 2
Jl. Sultan Hasanudin No. 47 – 48,
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta
Telp. 021-7207850
Fax. 021-7397847
Contact person : Ms. HildayatiBandung
1 kilo
PT. Satria Primajaya Lestari
Jl. Satria Raya 1 No. 5, Komplek Industri Caringin
Telp. 022-5411426 / 27
Contact Person: Mr. Teten Yusuf

25 kilo
PT. Danitama Niaga Prima
Jl. Gede Bage Selatan No 129
Telp. 022 – 7510827
Contact Person : Ms. Rina

PT. Danitama Niaga Prima
Jl. Pangeran Drajat No 38
Telp/ Fax. 0231 – 234558
Contact Person : Ms. Aan

PT. Usaha Dagang Sumber Rejeki
Jl. Gerilya No 576
Telp. / Fax. 0281 – 630800
Contact Person : Mr Krisnadi

25 kilo
CV. Tjipta Kentjana
Jl. Dr. CIpto No 67
Telp. 024 – 3542500
Contact Person : Ms. Jenni Sutjiati

PT. Sumber Indah Mas Kreasimurni
Jl. Ciliwung Raya No 9
Telp. 024 – 3541857
Contact Person : Mr. Willy Gunawan

PT. Nawa Panduta
Jl. Gang Besen No 67
Telp. 024 – 3546961
Contact Person : Ms. Marie

PT. Trijaya Niaga
Jl. Wotgandul Dalam No 12A
Telp. 024 – 3518482
Contact Person : Mr. Subekt

1 kilo
Toko Cakra Jaya
Jl. Beteng 92
Telp. 024 – 3540313
Contact Person : Mr. Arif Pranata

1 kilo
CV. Kurnia Jaya
Jl. Wismasari Selatan No 2
Ngaliyan, Semarang
Telp. 024 – 7616115 / 70708115
Fax. 024 – 7615414
Contact Person : Mr. Imam Nurcholis

1 kilo
PT. Tri Lestari Dianmas
Kronggahan RT 002/ RW 011
Trihonggo, Gamping, Sleman, Yogyakarta
Telp / Fax. 0274 – 868896
Contact Person : Mr. Andri Kurnianto

1 kilo
PT. Usaha Dagang Sumber Rejeki
Jl. Gedongkuning Selatan no:7/b
Banguntapan Bantul, Yogyakarta
Telp / Fax :0274 379066
Contact Person : Mr. Pramudya

PT. Usaha Dagang Sumber Rejeki
Jl. Jayawijaya No 7,
Mojosongo, Solo
Telp/ Fax. 0271 – 8500303
Contact Person : Mr. Yusman

UD. Alexander
Kompleks Pertokoan Sinar Galaxi, Jl. Pasar Turi Blok B55
Telp / Fax. 031 – 3554929 / 031 – 3554939
Contact Person : Mr. Robby Wijaya

UD. Makmur Jaya
Wisma Permai Barat EE 26
Telp. 081 235 42394 / Fax. 031 – 3820021
Contact Person : Mr. Ajub Hartanto

PT. Kaka Abadi
Jl. R.A Kartini No 105 / Kompleks Pertokoan Sinar Galaxi
Jl. Pasar Turi Blok B55 Surabaya
Tel. 031 – 3554929 / Fax. 031 – 3554939
Contact Person : Mr. Robby Wijaya

UD. Sama Berkat
Jl. Pemuda 130, Situbondo
Telp. 0338 – 671760 / 672206
Fax. 0338 – 672206

Contact Person: Mr. Muljadi

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