PT Sriboga Flour Mill

From humble beginnings we have now grown Sriboga Flour Mill into an international business.

The Sriboga Flour Mill began production in 1998 under the name PT Sriboga Raturaya. In 2011, PT Sriboga Flour Mill was established under the manufacturing division of PT Sriboga Raturaya. Today, Sriboga Flour Mill is renowned internationally for the production of a wide range of high quality wheat flours for the food industry and home cooks; with special focus on innovation and special blend flours. We are proud to be recognized as an innovative company, and continue to receive international recognition for quality and innovation. View our awards here.

Sriboga Flour Mill is seen as a pioneer in Flour Mixing, by applying the latest technology in Mixing Plants and Super Mills. Our ability to lead this innovation is thanks to our global and diverse team of innovative researchers.

Our passion for our industry, our team and our customers satisfaction continues to move us forward with the ambition to endlessly provide high quality, specialized and customized flour products.



Sriboga Flour Mill receives a prestigious award from UNICEF as the first company in the world to fortify it’s wheat flour with zinc in addition to iron, thiamin, riboflavin and folic acid. “The UNICEF expresses it’s appreciation for your company’s concern for improved health and nutrition as part of it’s business mission, and for taking on this noble initiative on a voluntary basis”


Sriboga was honored to be formally recognised by the US Wheat Associates as “without a doubt, the cleanest and best run mill in South East Asia”


The Foundation for Excellence in Business Practice (FEBP) awarded Sriboga with a Gold Medal for “Excellence in Business Practice”


YUM! recognised Sriboga as the first and only export approved flour supplier to the Asia Franchisee Business Unit (AFBU) system


Investment cooperation with Mitsubishi Corporation


In October 2015, PT Sriboga Flour Mill launched three new variants of its EasyMix wheat flour product line as the latest innovation to provide consumers with greater convenience and a wider range of choices in carrying out cooking and baking activities. Additionally, Sriboga has introduced its own YouTube channel, MariMasak TV, which makes available programs featuring the use of Sriboga flour products in simple recipes as a means of exploring Indonesia’s rich culinary heritage.

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