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December 23, 2014

Sriboga staff met with customers in October to understand how they could improve their services. As a result of their feedback we have completely replaced our old website with a new modern and user friendly website that contains information that customers wanted - this includes recipes, videos, interaction with social media such as Pinterest, business support and tips and community information.

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Interview With President Director of Sriboga Flour Mill, Alwin Arifin, for GBG Indonesia

interview with gbg

Sriboga Flour Mill was founded in 1995 and is now part of the Sriboga Group. How has the company evolved and what is the current strategy being followed to expand further?

Within the flour mill business we are the pioneer as the first to fortify our product in 1999 before it became a government requirement. We received recognition from Unicef for this in the same year. Since the founding of the company, the vision has been to be a world class flour mill and to be the leading flour producer in South East Asia.

The Sriboga Group is comprised of five elements; the franchise business including Pizza Hut and a new Japanese restaurant, a distribution company, Sriboga Bakery, IPMI business school and the Sriboga flour mill. The plan now is to grow the company from the manufacturing side as well as distribution and reaching the end users through our restaurant franchise business. The holding was only recently born this year in 2013.

What is your outlook for the future development of the wheat flour industry in Indonesia over the medium term?

Within the flour business, we have seen growth of 7% per year in demand and in the next three to five years Indonesia will be the largest wheat importer in the world. Therefore we are concentrating on keeping pace with rising demand and this is why our franchise restaurant business is focusing on wheat based products such as udon noodles and pizza.

The Indonesian population is growing from a large base and the income per capita has risen as well creating engines of growth. The increasing preference towards wheat based foods has also contributed to the growth of the industry. This trend in wheat based goods is taking place not only in Indonesia but throughout South East Asia, however Indonesia is the largest market in the region.

In preparation for Indonesia’s growing demand for wheat flour and related products, what new products are you planning to introduce for the future?

Flour is a highly competitive commodity so we aim to differentiate our product and brands. We include other ingredients to enhance the performance of the flour and increase its nutritional value.

We have introduced new technology in our flour production which is now only available in Europe and we are the first flour producer in Asia to have it. This will produce flour that will have enhanced performance and taste.

What are the main challenges facing Sriboga today?

The main challenge is the government regulations such as that regarding the import of subsidised flour at dumping price which creates oversupply in the market.

To see the rest of Alwin Arifin’s interview with GBG Indonesia, visit the GBG site.

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