To become the most competitive wheat flour producer in South East Asia.


  • We strive to provide the best possible products and services at affordable prices for all our customers
  • We appreciate our employees as valuable, core elements of the company
  • We guarantee satisfactory profit to all shareholders and the fulfillment of all our commitments to banks and suppliers
  • We will contribute toward bettering the social welfare of the communities in which we operate



Our behavior reflects on the company

Sriboga Flour Mill values integrity as the main basis for all work activities that must be embraced and adhered to by each and every individual in the company as an example to and for the benefit of the company itself and the communities in which it operates.


Our customers and stakeholders are our future and the future of our company.

The commitment and promise to provide the best service possible is planted deeply into the minds and hearts of all individuals at Sriboga Flour Mill.


Our professionalism guarantees consistent innovation toward achieving excellence.

Sriboga Flour Mill is well aware that only through the consistent enhancement of skills, competence and professionalism within each and every member of the organization will ensure the excellence necessary to compete successfully.


Company profit enhances the welfare of all members of its organizational structure and the communities in which the company operates.

Set targets reflect the levels necessary to achieve, to continue, to exist and develop sustainably on an individual and organizational level, as well as within the larger environment.

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