Selecting the Best Wheat

Every year, Sriboga Flour Mill selects the best wheat from around the world. With major procurement from America, Canada and Australia, we import hundreds of thousands of tonnes yearly. By investing in a rigorous procurement process, we ensure we get the best wheat for our Sriboga products.

Selecting the right wheat is crucial to producing the best wheat flour products. Sourcing the finest wheat from around the globe is our priority. Our agreements with growers addresses agronomic issues, grain handling and storage. We work closely with our farmers and look for new opportunities as well as problems that may affect crops in upcoming seasons. This detailed procurement process ensures our own end products are reliable, high quality and meet our customers high expectations.

Australian Wheat Growers

Working directly with the Australian Wheat Growers, we are able to procure high-quality wheat, reliable service and build trusted international relationships.

Canadian Wheat Growers

Working directly with the Canadian Wheat Growers, we are able to procure high-quality products, reliable service and build trusted international relationships.

US Wheat Associates

Working directly with the US Wheat Associates (USWA), we are able to procure   high-quality products, reliable service and build trusted international relationships.

For more information: www.uswheat.org

Our Milling Process

When we procure the raw grains they will typically contain impurities. So before processing, foreign contaminates and impurities that have entered the grain during harvesting, transportation and storage, must be removed. This is a careful process, which results in a high quality end product.

The milling process involves the removal of layers of endosperm from the outer casing, the bran. We separate this process so we can control the most critical aspects of the milling process such as particle size, starch damage and flour streaming. Our state of the art milling facilities and processes enables us to produce flours of the highest quality and consistency.

Our Unique and Innovative Mixing Facility

As the most the most competitive wheat flour producer in Southeast Asia, we undergo consistent effort to provide outstanding wheat flour products. Innovation and advanced technology is paramount to not only providing quality, but solutions.

Our customers have specific needs, and our specialized mixing facility answers those needs. We have the flexibility to produce very specific wheat flour mixes which are tailor made for our customers to meet specialized production processes.

Specialist Operations

We can also perform a range of specialist operations including heat treatment and de-branning. These processes, on their own and in combination, allow us to manufacture a wide range of  products. Our Baby Mill production facility, has enabled Sriboga to become Indonesia’s first flour producer to offer wheat flour with low ash content and extremely fine granulation. Our ongoing investment into Research, Development and Technology has allowed to to have a greater understanding of the wheat berry. Pre-mixing and specialized manufacturing gives us even more opportunities to produce innovative products and solutions.

Our Plant

The Sriboga Flour Mill factory is located on the harbor of Semarang, in the Tanjung Emas port.  The factory covers an area of 41,670 square meters. The first structures to be erected was our 12 story factory, an intake tower that stands 52 meters above sea level, and a 180 meter harbor docking facility with a depth of 10 meters. This dock is equipment with the capacity to unload 300 tons of wheat kernels per hour, and a loading capacity of 150 tons per hour.
The other structures include an 8 story mixing plant and a 7 story packing plant, a warehouse with the capacity to store 17,000 bags of flour and our administration building. The administration center also houses 1 of 7 Sriboga Customer Care Centers, our bakery and noodle training service. As our milling plant is located on the Port of Semarang, Central Java, we move wheat by water. Thankfully, this contributes to the reduction of our CO2 emissions.
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