Our Semolina Flour

Made From The Finest Durum Wheat

What people say

  • I rely on the high quality products at Sriboga, and the customer care they provide.

    Pak EdyLumpia Pak Edy
  • I use Sriboga's Pita Merah flour to create a wide variety of risoles , sausages , egg rolls , spring rolls and egg martabak. The result is tender and tasty food. To make the pie crust is not difficult, and the skin looks delicious, so it's a favourite with my customers.

    Wiwik CahyaningsihOwner of Perum Kali Salak, Batang
  • To make sweet bread with Sriboga's Tali Emas flour means I get great results, really soft bread. Also the price is more economical than other brands, but it contains the same amount of protein. My profit margins are better using Sriboga.

    Trisni NugrowatiOwner, Snack Shop
  • I am a loyal user of Sriboga's Beruang Biru New all purpose flour. It is very good for the production of my noodles, the end product is chewy, very nice colour and good texture.

    SuhardiOwner, Mie Ayam
  • Since using Sriboga's Pita Biru flour, we have been producing better quality products. Our production quantity has increased, so we know our customers like it and business is growing. So thankyou, Sriboga!

    Anik SulastriOwner, Brownies Kukus
  • With Sriboga's Tali Emas flour, I get the best results. Soft and tender bread, and development time is fast. I recommend Tali Emas flour for soft, bread, fine flour and the best outcome.

    Ahmad ZaenuriOwner, Bakery
  • I use Sriboga's Tali Emas Special and Pita Biru flours. The quality is great, very smooth and the end result is really tasty. My customers love it, and they never try to bargain! Thanks Sriboga.

    MulyaniOwner, Bread Shop
  • Training at Sriboga's Customer Care Centres has benefited us in many ways. We have gained a lot of knowledge about innovative flour products, how to use them to make the best recipes, and how to grow our business.

    MafaidOwner, Bolang-Baling & Cakwe Shop
  • The training I receive at Sriboga Customer Care Centres improves the quality of my products and help me to market by business effectively.

    Dwi FitrianiOwner, Camilan Kering
  • From training I receive at  Sriboga Customer Care Centres I have learnt how to produce and decorate my cakes better. I also have access to the savings and loans initiative in the UKM cooperative. There are  many more advantages by partnering with Sriboga, my Sriboga flour is a special friend to me!

    Dwi Wahyuni Owner, Donat & Brownies

Our Specialty Semolina Flour

Semolina is a coarse grind made from the finest wheat. Semolina has a natural, beautiful yellow color and is a great flavor alternative.

Professionals often use Semolina to produce high quality, delicious noodles, lasagna, fettuccine and other pastas. Our Semolina flour will always create the perfect pasta texture.

Other popular uses are Breads, Baby Porridge, Crisps, Chips and Desserts. Semolina can replace some or all of you flour in Bread recipes, for more flavorful and textured bread.
  • 25 kilo bag


  • Pasta
  • Baby Food
  • Bread
  • Desserts
  • Halva
  • Semolina Cake
  • Puddings
  • Chips

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Product Specifications

Parameter Analysis
Protein Min 9.75%
Ash Min 0.60%
Water Absorption Min 65%

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