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  • I rely on the high quality products at Sriboga, and the customer care they provide.

    Pak EdyLumpia Pak Edy
  • I use Sriboga's Pita Merah flour to create a wide variety of risoles , sausages , egg rolls , spring rolls and egg martabak. The result is tender and tasty food. To make the pie crust is not difficult, and the skin looks delicious, so it's a favourite with my customers.

    Wiwik CahyaningsihOwner of Perum Kali Salak, Batang
  • To make sweet bread with Sriboga's Tali Emas flour means I get great results, really soft bread. Also the price is more economical than other brands, but it contains the same amount of protein. My profit margins are better using Sriboga.

    Trisni NugrowatiOwner, Snack Shop

Our Specialty Blend Wafer Flour

Our Specialty Blend Wafer Flour is perfect for a variety of Wafer productions, including  simple flat wafers, sweet rolled wafers and wafer ice cream cones.

Using our state-of-the-art technology and expert team, we have created a wafer flour with perfectly defined texture which creates the specific surface pattern. Sriboga Wafer flour meets the needs of wafer products, including specific weight, moisture content, formation process and taste.


  • low in protein and gluten
  • low cold viscosity, medium to high gelatinization temperature of the starch
  • fine granulation


  • improved pumpability of the batter
  • optimum application of the mass onto the wafer tongs
  • faster development of the batter
  • reduced “post-stiffening” of the batter
  • optimal texture

Flours for flat wafers can be combined or can replace each other under consideration of the recipe and process employed. This is not recommended for high ratio recipes (ice cream cones).

Light flours for flat wafers can also be used for wafer sheets.

Sriboga Wafer Flour protein content is 9.75% (+/-)

  • 25 kilo bag


  • Flat Wafers
  • Rolled Wafers
  • Wafer Ice Cream Cones

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Product Specifications

Parameter Analysis
Protein Min 9.75%
Ash Min 0.60%
Water Absorption Min 65%

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