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We are proud of the superior quality of our specialty flour products. Our wide range is developed to save you time, space, and cost.

With international recognition for industry-leading food ingredient manufacturing using the latest facilities, technology and access to global resources, we help you to overcome the  most demanding challenges and improve your competitive strength.

Through the finest raw materials and state-of-the-art production facilities we are able to produce food ingredients that deliver outstanding finished products. Our dedication to quality and reliability means we follow exact specifications throughout the production process, and adhere to the strictest quality control measures. The result is products you can rely on.

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  • I rely on the high quality products at Sriboga, and the customer care they provide.

    Pak EdyLumpia Pak Edy
  • I use Sriboga's Tali Emas Special and Pita Biru flours. The quality is great, very smooth and the end result is really tasty. My customers love it, and they never try to bargain! Thanks Sriboga.

    MulyaniOwner, Bread Shop

Our Specialty Collection

Our Specialty Pizza Flour

Our Pizza flour is from our specialty range of premium mixes. Our reliable and easy to use PIzza flour is specially formulated to deliver impressive volume, and soft crumb to ensure an end product perfect for Deep Pan pizza bases.

Applications: Deep Pan Pizza

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Our Specialty Burger Bun Flour

Our Burger Bun flour is from our specialty range of premium mixes. Our reliable and easy to use Burger Bun premix delivers crusty bun tops with white and soft inner-bun texture. This special blend premix offers superb eating qualities for all types of crusty bread and rolls.

Applications: Burger Bun, Baguettes, Viennas, Batards, Pull-aparts, Kaiser rolls, Crusty Rolls and Knots, Plaits

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Our Specialty Donut Flour

Our Donut flour is from our specialty range of premium mixes. Our reliable and easy to use Donut premix is yeast risen, offering extremely soft and fluffy texture, with bright white colour and superior volume. This special blend premix offers superb eating qualities to all donut variants.

Applications: Donuts

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Our Specialty ‘MMS’ Macaroni Flour

MMS flour is produced especially for the making of noodles with high elasticity and a fresh, attractive color.

Applications: Macaroni

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Our Specialty Noodle Flour

Special flour to produce Noodles with the better texture, colour and firmness.

Applications: Noodles

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Our Semolina Flour

Semolina is a coarse grind made from the finest wheat. Semolina has a natural, beautiful yellow color and is a great flavor alternative.

Professionals often use Semolina to produce high quality, delicious noodles, lasagna, fettuccine and other pastas. Our Semolina flour will always create the perfect pasta texture.

Applications: Bread, Pasta, Baby Food, Halva, Pudding, Specialty Desserts, Snacks

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Our Wafer Flour

Our Specialty Blend Wafer Flour is perfect for a variety of Wafer productions, including  simple flat wafers, sweet rolled wafers and wafer ice cream cones.

Using our state-of-the-art technology, our expert team have created a wafer flour with perfectly defined texture which creates the specific surface pattern.

Applications: Flat Wafers, Layered Wafers, Sweet Wafer Rolls, Wafer Ice Cream Cones

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Our Bakpao Flour

Our specialty blend Bakpao Flour is formulated to ensure maximum volume in the fermentation process and superwhite colour.

As a favourite Asian snack, Bakpao or ‘Pao’, is best made with Sriboga Bakpao Flour for consistent results and flavourful taste.

Applications: Bakpao or Pao

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Our Bakpia Flour

Our specialty SB Bakpia Flour is formulated to ensure elastic dough, perfect crust and textured filling.

As a favourite Asian snack, Bakpia or ‘Pia’ is best made with SB Bakpia Flour for consistent and flavourful taste.

Applications: Bakpia or ‘Pia’

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Our Lunpia (Spring Roll) Flour

Our Lunpia Flour is a special blend flour which provides the perfect foundation for creating Lunpia, Lumpia or Spring Roll skins.

With a strong dough foundation, the ability to create thinner wraps is possible, without compromising on texture.

Applications: Lunpia, Lumpia, Spring Roll

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We provide customised flour that is tailored to the specific needs and requirements of our valuable clients. With numerous years of experience and our expert team, we work closely in partnership with you to develop the right solutions. To maximise your competitive advantage in the market we can work to improve your existing products or develop new concepts.

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