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As industry leaders, we our passionate about sharing our knowledge and resources to help you grow your business. Sriboga Customer Care Centre’s are located throughout Java. Click here to view the locations of our 5 Customer Care Centre’s. These centre’s support customers by providing;

  • Technical Service
  • Product Development
  • Menu Development
  • Market Knowledge
  • Food Ingredient Knowledge

In addition, we support SME’s through the Sriboga SME Business Program. This initiative provides business advisory services for fledgling entrepreneurs through to growing SME’s, in order to support a sustainable economy through stability, growth and expansion.

We look forward to working together, sharing knowledge, and creating a stable future for you business.

Our online Customer Care Centre provides real-time support to help you grow your business. I recommend you check out our Menu Development videos and tools, and tell us what recipes you would like us to publish!

Panca, Customer Care Manager

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In addition to our online customer care support, we also have 7 Sriboga Customer Care Center’s located around Java. Our SCC Center’s are designed to support SMEs with practical and applicable skills and knowledge.

  • With professionals from the baking and culinary field, we host regular workshops for instruction on how to prepare products such as bread, cakes, traditional snacks and noodle variants
  • Sriboga’s technical advisers are readily available to visit clients on-site to provide advice on overcoming production obstacles, and guidance on how to obtain the maximum performance from our range of Sriboga wheat flours


We gain valuable insight by working directly with our customers. With this insight we are able to:

  • Develop new recipes and applications just for you
  • Help customers work out cost per unit and profit margins
  • Improve ingredient knowledge and technical understanding

Click here for more information on menu development.


We actively reach out to the community to share our knowledge. We have learned from this engagement the great need for business support that is relevant to Indonesian SME’s. Our Business Support team regularly visits communities onsite, to help customers build business skills and knowledge, and provide guidance to overcome growth obstacles.

We are also developing an Online Business Support section on this site, to help start-ups through to established SME’s. View the first topic here.


Mobile Baking Demo Units visit different communities and are fully equipped to enable participants to try wheat flour cooking techniques. These fun and interactive demonstrations are open to the community, and also a great idea for schools, where students enjoy the hands on cooking experience.

To find out when a Mobile Baking Unit is coming to a location near you, join our community. You can also request our mobile baking team to visit your community, just contact us to discuss.

SME Cooperative

We are proud to count 4,674 SME’s in 175 communities and cooperatives within our “Koparomieyo cooperative” scheme.

Through such partnerships, we provide education and support to encourage best business practices in the wheat flour industry throughout Indonesia. We cultivate long term relationships with budding SME’s and support the growth of new local businesses and brands.

Click here to find out more information about our SME cooperative.


The online SME Customer Care Forum allows you to engage and network with others in the industry. You can view conversations and post comments, or start your own conversation. Our Customer Care Team will post comments to help resolve product issues.

You must be a member to access and post comments on the forum. Not a member? Not to worry! Sign up now to become a Member.



Sriboga staff met with customers in October to understand how they could improve their services. As a result of their feedback we have completely replaced our old website with a new modern and user friendly website that contains information that customers wanted – this includes recipes, videos, interaction with social media such as Pinterest, business support and tips and community information. The new website is designed to be more interactive so our customers can converse with us better online aswell as other traditional interaction channels such as over the phone and by email.  Keep an eye out for upcoming competitions!

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